Faculty of Engineering & Technology


Saegis Faculty of Engineering and Technology combined with an in-house lecturer panel, expensive computer laboratories and hands on learning. Saegis provided its Faculty of Engineering and Technology students with the ideal environment to develop their skills.

department of computing

BSc (Hons) Computing - (Top Up)

department of cumputing

BEng (Hons) Software Engineering

BSc (Hons) Computer Science

department of computing

Bachelor of Information Technology


Department of Computing

Department of Computing is equipped with a range of courses specializing in various arms of the IT sector. Students are able to choose a path that is most in line with their requirements, allowing them to pursue substantial careers in their selected filed.

Department of Engineering

Saegis is a pioneer in interdisciplinary education allowing students to choose the right pathway. We at the Saegis department of Engineering, aim to instill in students the knowledge and skills required to work within the industry. We train them to seek employment on any level, even whilst they are studying.