It had a lengthy gestation period as was described in a Leader Post article at the time of its grand opening a month before: After checking four possibilities, they acquired an abandoned tire shop in mid-June and began to plan their giant retread job. Hello Stranger (M. Grainger) Bandmate Rothecker recalls: After playing a few dances with the group I realized that we needed somebody in the group who understood chord structure. It could comfortably house at least 500 dancing couples, but most summer weekends it far exceeded that number. All three were cut on acetate discs and received heavy, if short-term airplay on CJME. As was almost mandatory at this time, The Andantes secured sponsorship from a local radio station in their case, CKCK. I remember the quote: Ill send my boys over. To which Edwards immediately went ballistic, called him out, and slammed down the receiver! He was never moody that I can remember, and was enthusiastic So he didnt take it well. Deutscher participated in his first recordings in October 1965 when the Chevrons were recruited as part of a novel CJME promotion. But apparently somebody already had the name. They took on as their manager Jimmy Mann, one time member of The Dynamics, and a not-so-innocent influence. Joe Vargo and the Dynamics came second they were solid and mature. He sang with [us] for a short while, although a lot of our fans didnt like his style (they werent used to R & B/soul singing). The members of the Andantes and the Thin Red Line provide singular and totally interesting personalities with their captivating wit and wandering ways. There were two radio stations playing popular music: CKCK and CJME. Make the Scene! It was optimistic promotion and there was no swinging music. The Andantes did not have a totally original band name. Not only did this put the recording session in limbo, the band worried that they would be seen as immature and irresponsible by their friends and families. The bands next national mention also in R.P.M. We didnt draw much of a crowd so the club manager let us go, but paid us in full for the week. Love- Itis/Opportunity (H. Scales- A. Vance/D. That year the Chess brothers lured Chisholm away from Universal to become their chief engineer. That autumn saw a number of impressive touring acts stop in Regina. Patience (B. Deutscher) I dont recall any disagreementsthere was absolutely no hostilityit just seemed to fade. Id like to see Regina support us when we bring in the top music group in the United States, McDougall said.seats are $2.50 and $3There is little more to say about the Fudge their music is heavy, psychedelic rock, and they are at their best in concert. The first and most prominent Trianon opened December 6, 1922 in the Woodlawn neighborhood of Chicago, Illinois, and was marketed as "The World's Most Beautiful Ballroom". This band hails from Regina and though they are not a familiar name in these parts yet, lets hope they soon will be as these guys see no limit when it comes to being good. I still remember the game we got into with the younger, quiet-by-nature Daryl hanging out the window with the other guys in the back holding his legs, trying to nail the road signs going by with empty cans of American beer. Mick Grainger was born in England (1948) the son of a Royal Navy officer and emigrated to Regina at the age of two. Just guys drinking beer and having laughs. Reporter Bob Hughes of the Leader-Post wrote the first major profile of the group in April 1967: Who are The Andantes? He formed it three years ago. The search was then on for a bass player. Thereby I found speed, a lot of it, becoming a very, very fast drummer, and known for it. Title proper. Even with limited club dates, the band became very popular very fast in the first half of 1966. Who in Regina hasnt heard of the Andantes? He returned to Regina and again hooked up with Don Young to form a three piece band known as the Greasy Mixture (an unappealing throwaway line from an American commercial for hair straightening product). Born 1948 the youngest son of Albert and Wilhelmina Deutscher, he sported a lengthy and impressive musical history. Sometimes I used a black Prismacolor pencil on stippled paper to simulate a continuous tone effect, or high contrast black and white photos which I stripped together in a collage form. One agent came out to hear us in Regina and there we struck up a friendship with Shelly Seigel who would later found Mushroom Records. Id like to play with these guys!. Blues No. It was shift work and long hours, and crappy wages, so I finally quit. At age 12, I joined the RLJB concert/marching in both performance and competition. In the beginning starting out a kids, Donny made sure I watched this new band from Liverpool on The Ed Sullivan Show. From January 9-11, 1970, they appeared at the popular tavern and dancehall. Built in 1962 and located at 1323 Sherman Avenue at the corner of 14th , it was far more than that just a tavern however one half featured go-go dancers, pinball machines and pool tables, the other a pizza restaurant. Not only did he not do his homework (we had joined the union), he had signed a legal agreement which he then couldnt lie about, and which could be enforced. I could get pretty bored with playing, but putting tunes together was always a buzz for me! The second band Jazz Workshop consisting of Ron Brooks, Art Britton, Stewart Ballantyne, Nate Strong, and Peter Dyksman was described: A group that is somewhat of a rarity to Regina music lovers is the Jazz Workshop. These were all money-makers, so that put him in direct opposition to the established booking agent Joe Vargo. miraculous drumming. The recording of the second number, however, required a little bit more thought. It was during this period that Statham got to know Bob Deutscher. The Andantes played there on a regular basis. Daryl Gutheil memories are slightly different: From 1965 to 1969 The Andantes played fairly regularly at Temple Gardens, the traditional ballroom/dance hall in Moose Jaw. Engineer: Wayne Allen Political party. On December 23rd they showcased at one of that citys hottest nightclubs The Friars Den in Glamorgan Shopping Centre on 37th Street. She gave some insight into the schedule and musical tastes of the band: The original members of the group, Gary and Don, started the band about three years ago. Joe Vargo and the Dynamics was the one rock group with a different pattern. Side A Todays Fool(F. Taylor) While that sounds impressive, it is doubtful it could ever be proven. Says Statham:It just seemed to end at one pointI dont know why. Later, when we were old enough to get inside (and had actually started playing there ourselves), we saw bands like the Fireballs, the Ventures, the String-a-longs, and the Champs. Until 1940, the ballroom's owner John Savage prohibited African-Americans from dancing, falsely claiming that a Seattle city ordinance banned "mixed [race] dancing." Savage finally relented, though only slightly, by allowing Blacks to dance Monday night. I remember playing this song outside of Oscars Last Chance, a fast food drive-in restaurant and amusement park just outside the city on the east end. He notes I was nervous as shit, but when it was overwhat a buzz! Besides singing, Bob plays harmonica. This is borne out by their exceptional repertoire. Personnel: Don Gutheil, Ken Leonard, Gary Montague, Gerry Schlegel, Daryl Gutheil Backed by a Regina rock-n-roll band, the Chevrons, he sang four of his biggest hits, Little Things, See the Funny Little Clown, Voodoo Woman, and Its Too Late. Trianon Ballroom - Regina. Twenty Nine One Nighters (B. Deutscher) He always seemed to know about tunes we ended up playing from England before they hit any of the Regina radio stations. From 1932 on, it was run by the Sneath family, first Isaac and then his son Ross. Donnie and I both jumped on him to close it. For much of the summer the Yippies had great fun with the alarmist media thinking up and threatening all kinds of civic disruption including throwing boxes of nails from overpasses onto freeways, abandoning cars in major intersections to block traffic, and the best one, putting LSD in the citys water supply. Finding aids. More importantly they provided backup vocals for several thousand Motown recordings including most by the Four Tops, The Temptations, Stevie Wonder, Jimmy Ruffin, Marvin Gaye, Edwin Starr, and the Marvellettes. Indeed, he was a super nice guy! Nelsons was a beautiful acoustic recording, but way too simple in content. They decided to check out a new musical sensation that was playing in town over the weekend Janis Joplin with Big Brother and the Holding Company. Recalls Montague: In the village, Gerry came across and bought a set of six throwing knives, became thoroughly bewitched with them: wide-eyed, disturbing and bizarre, casting them, among others, into the likes of wooden walls outside of the hall and the outside of the cabin back door. as a drummer I wasnt much taken with playing the Beatles, Stones, or Beach Boys. Senior citizen's residential high-rise. We noticed a parked limo. The first annual one was held on in April 1965, which ended with a seven band spectacular including The Andantes. 2 1974-1981, Dodem by Zoon | New Album, Bekka Maiingan, Matt Costa To Release Katabatic Flight Film Featuring Self-Produced and Written Score. Young had started his career as a cool jazz drummer, backing up local guitarist Barry Whitmore. Still fun though. And they dont believe in wearing the wild Mod clothes many bands tend to lean towards when choosing their wardrobes. We distributed the 45 rpms into outlets in Regina like The Bay and radio stations. He explains they were already quite professional for their ages: Actually, being Regina Junior Band A Band alumni, Donnie, Daryl, Kenny and I were experienced contestants in both concert and marching band competitions. One was Johnny and the Chordnotes featuring Johnny Klimczak, Ken Jefferson, Barry Simmons, and Stu Dodds. Democratic. In the beginning as a kid I found myself frustrated with using marching drum sticks on the drum set (which were probably about the same width and heft as your standard rock drum stick today, 5A, and changed to 7A Regal Tip, a jazz stick.) With the start of a new year, the band decided to try and make their first dent in the American market. He was able to play several parts on different strings simultaneously I started to do a bit of this. Theres a brother combination too. A swing fan himself, Bryant played bass alongside some of the greats Ray Price, Tex Ritter, Hank Thompson, Hank . The band received another note of national recognition in the Fall 1967 issue of Miss Chatelaine. Trianon Ballroom. The Rats, now famous all over the Northwest started out as a malt shop, which it still is, if you count malt beverages. The group had been around, were accomplished musicians for their age, could provide music of almost any description, and this, more than appearance or stage show, guaranteed them an almost continuous run of dates. Produced by Ken Singer The session was produced by Northcott himself. tower, ballroom, retirement home. Seattle, Washington, U.S. Andante played in several rock festivals that summer including the QuAppelle Rock Festival on June 21 (where the only known footage of the band a Super 8 mm. Dinni was the guy I knew besthe and I spent a lot of time together. When Don politely maintained he really wasnt interested, Joe Vargo threatened him. 6201 South Cottage Grove Avenue. Visually, I could stop the beads of my drums sticks even on the high hat just before they would hit the drums and the cymbals. at the 1st Annual Big Band Battle Blast held in the YMCA gym. Rush at Trianon Ballroom on Regina, Canada on tour Fly by Night . legal and ethical considerations human rights,
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